Snow Day Style for Women

Well we just weathered the first big snow storm of the season and it was a good one! The Groundhog Day snowstorm of 2021 dropped more than 20 inches of snow in suburban New York! Being from the northeast, I do appreciate a good snow fall every winter. There is something nostalgic, cozy, and exciting about seeing all that fluffy, white outside my windows. However I have to admit, I am good with one or two solid storms and then we can move on to spring. That is enough to give me a day off from school, let me lounge all day in my pjs and get out in the snow with my kids for a bit. Each year in preparation for the snow that may fall, we buy new snow boots, coats, and winter accessories. It is so important to have cute, warm, and functional snow clothes to enjoy your time outside. Sharing the details on one of my favorite snowy day outfits below!

DETAILS: SPERRY BOOTS | Abercrombie Coat | Aritzia Beanie (Similar Here).

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