At Home Work Outs for Busy Women

Almost March, which means 3 months until summer in NY! I don’t know about you but I have been slacking majorly on my work out goals. As a working mom, I don’t always find the time to get my body moving. I know that it is is so important not only for my physical health but for my mental health as well. In order to get myself inspired and help you as well, I’ve put together some ideas for easy at home workout and also gathered some items that can help us get the job!

At Home Exercises

Prior to Covid-19, I used to hit the gym a few nights a week. I was never great at self-motivating but would find enjoyment in my group classes. I attended classes at New York Sports Club and loved interval training classes such as Total Body Conditioning and Burn. Once the gym shut down, I tried to keep up by doing at home yoga and pilates. My favorite at home yoga is definitely the 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge with Julia Marie. I find it to be really awesome in making my mind feel great and also working my body. It’s also free with Amazon Prime which is another bonus. In addition to yoga, I would walk around my neighborhood and also mix in the interval trainings like the two week challenge below.

This two week challenge is really perfect for getting going with a workout routine. It is not too time consuming and requires almost no equipment. I like to add in some light cardio like walks or biking. I have to be honest it definitely is a challenge but if you take it at your own pace you will definitely see results! I would recommend that you pace yourself (especially if you are just getting back into the workout routine), modify as needed, stretch, and drink lots of water. Please know I am NOT a workout expert or a personal trainer in anyway. As I said earlier, it’s generally hard for me to motivate! I do know that at 40 years old though it is super important to stay active and I found this to be something that was fun and doable. What are your favorite at home workouts? Leave a comment and let me know what you do to stay in shape.

Workout Gear for Home

In addition to good and simple workout routines, I think it it’s important to have functional and pretty outfits and equipment to make your sweat sessions even more fun and comfortable. If I’m going to workout, I might as well look good right? You do not need to spend a ton of money and can easily find nice gear at places like Target or Amazon. Some of my favorite items for working out are basic leggings and a cute top like the Target ones below and a great sports bra like the Lululemon one. Add a good pair of On Sneakers and some great workout equipment, which you can easily find on Amazon, and your at home gym is ready to go!

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How about you? Do you like working out at home? What are your favorite at home workout items? Would love to hear how you get inspired!

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4 thoughts on “At Home Work Outs for Busy Women

  1. I really enjoy this blog! Love these products!! Hydroflasks are awesome (my daughter gave me one and I love it! ). Need to get a weight set. This one looks pretty cute!

    1. Thanks for your comment:))). Yes hydroflasks are definitely a must have! I love the look and how it keeps my beverage cold for days! This weight set is also amazing! Perfect for getting our summer arms ready 😊

  2. This is great because I’m starting back to working out after having a baby and I need good work out gear, especially a good sports bra!

    1. Thanks for your comment! I am happy you found this workout board helpful:) Lululemon sports bras are the best! Congratulations on becoming a mommy and good luck with the workouts! You got this!

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