Natural Products for Skin and Self-Care

I was recently introduced to these wonderful all natural products from Green Girl USA. If you haven’t heard of them, Green Girl is a company owned exclusively by women, located in Connecticut. Their products are all produced locally and they only use natural ingredients! Isn’t that fabulous? Best of all, for every product that they sell, they will donate a book to the Read to Grow program, which supports childhood literacy! Go Green Girl USA!

I received a fun little package in the mail from Green Girl containing the coconut oil-based lip balm, vegan lip gloss, and calming room spray. All I can say is “oh my goodness!” These little goodies absolutely made my day! Excited to share my reviews with you today!

The Coconut Oil Lip Balm was the first product that I tried. It was great! I have tried so many lip balms at all different price points and this one definitely left my lips feeling moisturized and hydrated. It had a soft subtle smell and no strange after taste. With everything that the company has to offer and the price point of these lip balms, they are definitely a must-try!

Calming Room Spray

The next product I couldn’t wait to open was the Calming Room Spray. Lately, I have been obsessed with anything that smells delicious so this one really made me happy! I would describe the scent as a “day at the spa.” It had a subtle lavender scent that made me want to curl up on my bed with a glass of wine and a good book! The aromatherapy spray is a fabulous blend of lavender and orange oil. Unlike other sprays, it was not overpowering and was a perfect blend of aromas. You definitely will not regret this purchase.

The last thing in the package was the all natural vegan lip gloss. In addition to room sprays, I can never have enough lip glosses or balms. This vegan gloss is all natural and made of cocoa butter. After one application, my lips had a light, natural pinkish glow to them and felt plump and soft. Another great product from Green Girl!

I definitely recommend that you check out this company and their amazing, natural products. The ingredients are simple and the prices are phenomenal! To make things better, their Anniversary Sale starts 3/1 and ends 3/15! You can use code BDAY to get 30% off of a $30 purchase. Also, they offer free shipping on orders over $35. You will not be disappointed!

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