Easter Basket Gifts Ideas

Easter is just a couple short weeks away! If you haven’t started, it’s definitely time to get going on your Easter baskets, especially if you are like me and order everything online. As my kids are getting older it’s not easy to come up with creative ideas but I’ve rounded up some items that I think will be a hit with any tween girl or boy!

Ideas for Girls

These super cute girl Easter basket ideas are a mix of items from my daughter’s favorite stores. Abercrombie kids and Hollister are the perfect places to shop for tween girl clothes. The clothes is stylish, great quality, and age appropriate . In addition, Amazon is another one of her favorite places to shop. She knows that with just one click, she can have almost anything arrive at the doorstep! My 9 year old is constantly asking us to purchase her the latest fidget toys, art items, or slime so I am including some cute, colorful gifts in her basket this year. What are you favorite girl Easter basket items for girls?

Ideas for Boys

I have to admit it definitely was harder for me to come up with ideas for my almost 12 year old son’s basket. Since he doesn’t really enjoy crafts or art items, I struggle to find ideas that will be more than just clothes or candy. This year I rounded up some adorable swim stuff from Hollister and then some classic and Favorite Adidas items from Amazon. I also am loving American Eagle for boys his age and found the perfect light weight hoodie with sunglasses that I know he will love. To add some fun to the the basket while sticking with the summer theme, I’m adding some water guns and a cute towel from Amazon. These are items that no boy can ever have enough of! Lastly, I will throw a small Xbox gift card, something that he is always begging for. How about for your boys? What do you put in their baskets each year?

I would love to hear your thoughts and reviews on the Easter basket ideas that I shared. Also, please let me know if you will scratch all of these gifts all together and prefer creating a traditional candy Easter basket. There is definitely not one “right way” to do things! Hope you and your family enjoy the season and the spring holidays!

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