My Honest Review of the Keratin Complex Treatment

Hi everyone! This post is a bit overdue as I’ve been wanting to share my honest review of my favorite keratin hair treatment before the humidity hit! As a curly, frizzy-haired girl, I never fully learned to embrace my locks. I can honestly say I have tried countless products and multiple types of relaxers and hair treatments. Today I want to share my honest thoughts on the Keratin Complex Express Blow Out Treatment.

Keratin Complex Treatment

As a teenager and through my younger adulthood, I tried everything from traditional relaxers to full Keratin Treatments to Brazilian Blow Outs. However for the past few years, I have been loyal and true to the Keratin Express Blow Out treatment. Here is why:

  • The process is fairly quick. I am in and out of the salon in about an hour and a half.
  • Unlike traditional keratin treatments, I can wash my hair in 24 hours.
  • Although I have very curly hair, my hair is thin and fine. This treatment does not damage my hair.
  • There is no strong chemical odor.
  • I can easily blow dry and straighten my curls and they stay frizz free for months.
  • The price is right. Although price varies by salon and length or thickness of hair, I pay about $150 for the treatment in comparison to pricier treatments that have cost me $300.

The Process

Although I have many friends that have tried to do these treatment at home, I have and only will get my Keratin treatment done by a professional stylist. I am fortunate to have found a stylist who I trust and know will take great care of my hair. The process for getting a Keratin Express Blow Out is fairly easy. From start to finish, I’m in the salon about an hour and a half. I walk into the salon with textured, frizzy, dry looking hair and leave with straight, shiny, healthy looking hair.

My hair before treatment upon arrival to the salon. My hair was not washed that morning and was half blown out on top from previous day.

My hair after being washed with a clarifying shampoo. Treatment is then applied to wet, clean hair. Stylist dries hair with blowdryer.
After hair is dried, treatment is sealed into the hair using a very high heat flat iron. The stylist does this using small sections of hair.

My hair after treatment is in and flat iron is completed. At this point, I can not wash my hair or get it wet for at least 24 hours.

The Results

As you can see the results in my hair are obvious. After the Keratin treatment, when I wash my hair, my hair goes back to being curly however the curl is a lot looser and much easier to straighten. I would say Keratin cuts my hair drying time in half. Some other major advantages of Keratin is that my hair does not need to be flat ironed to stay straight and it stays frizz-free in even very humid weather. For me, the Keratin Express Treatment lasts about 3 months during warmer months when I wash more often and may have chlorine or salt water exposure. When I do the treatment at the start of fall, it lasts me about 6-7 months. The amount of time Keratin lasts will vary per person. Very much depends on how often the hair is washed as well as what products you use.


After you pass the initial 24 hours of no washing or getting hair wet, caring for your Keratin is so easy! I would say the choosing the “right” products is probably the most important. With any Keratin treatment it is super necessary that you use sulfate-free shampoo. I like to use the Keratin Complex Shampoo as well as the It’s a 10 Keratin Leave in Conditioner to help protect and prolong my Keratin. For conditioner, you could really use any that you like. I love super hydrating conditioners and am a big fan of the Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Conditioner. I’ve linked the products here for easy shopping!

Keratin Shampoo
Leave-in Conditioner

If you are looking for something to tame your frizz, cut your drying time and relax your curl I highly recommend you check out this treatment! If you are in the New York area Simple Beauty is fantastic! You won’t be disappointed!

Leave me comments with questions as well as your own thoughts on Keratin. Like any new treatments you try, I always recommend you discuss your hair and your goals with your stylist.

I am not affiliated with Keritan in anyway. Links above contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission on products you buy.

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